Spraying season is upon us. Want to discuss PPE again

Hello Everyone,
Just finished my first spray of the year. I spray Avaunt, Rally and Captan. I read the labels for all 3 and it seems none of them recommend a respirator. Only long sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes, socks and gloves. Just wondering what everyone else does.

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I’ve always worn a respirator, a Tyvek coverall, a face shield, nitrile gloves and rubber boots. Overkill? Yup. It makes me feel more at ease this way esp, in a rather windy situation.


Fiber face mask, Tyvek type coverall (that car painters use) eye covering, examination gloves or such and rubber Birkies that I can slip off and leave in the garage. Probably a little overkill, but like Mam says, you feel more at ease and it gives the neighbors something to gawk at.

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I got a fancy “gas mask” style 3M respirator with cartridges for organic vapors or some such, but i always feel like my throat or nose feels funny after spraying Daconil or glyphosate.
Perhaps it’s psychosomatic…or i have the wrong cartridges.

Like most orchardists, I’m old without aspirations of engendering any future generations. Any mutagenic damage is wasted on me, so I don’t take a lot of precautions other than covering up, wearing glasses, and showering afterward.

If it can be absorbed through your skin you better believe it can also be absorbed through your lungs.