Spring is coming--Trees on the way

With the weather warming and my long awaited trees finally on their way, it seems like I’m getting a little nervous and need a sanity check. So please check my layout and give me your opinions. My plan is to plant 8 trees, 4 apples and 4 peaches, evenly spaced in a row along the length of my property. The row runs East to West. I know that I’d be better off running North-South, but my property will not allow for that. My questions are: should the apples be Eastern-most, getting the sunrise before the peaches? Or the other way around? Should the fruit that ripens last be the most Eastern and so on? I am worried about trees shading one another. Below is the list of trees that I have ordered and the way I plan to plant them, starting East and going West. I’m also reading conflicting information about Liberty and Zestar. Which one ripens first? Or am I messing this up and should I plant a peach in between each apple or am I thinking this backwards? Please help. How would you do it? What’s the right way? Thanks.

East to West
Goldrush on G-11
Enterprise on G-41
Zestar! on G-11
Liberty on G-16
Encore on Guardian 520-9
Gloria on Lovell
Redhaven on Lovell
Sugar May on Guardian 520-9
Western most

I wish I had advice for you but as a newbie I’m dealing with the same type of situation as you are. I’ve got 5 trees on the way and limited space. And I too am apprehensive as Im expecting them in the next week or 2. I’ll be interested to see what kind of replies you get. I’ll create a seperate thread as I don’t want to hijack yours. So good luck. Hope you get some solid info.

My view is keep any tree 8’ tall max so you don’t need a ladder. Then, order doesn’t really matter. Don’t alternate peach-apple-peach etc though, that makes spraying too hard. Theres also nothing wrong with east-west plantings. More important is there are not lots of trees shading things.