Spring is in the Air! - Honeycrisp Apple

We got a little bit of rain last week. Not much, but a little. Our daytime high temperatures also dropped to the mid-90’s, and scattered clouds have helped the sunshine to be less intense.

I’m only guessing, but I think that either all of that, or some part of that combination, is what persuaded my Honeycrisp apple tree to finally decide to break dormancy. Waiting until the end of August to start leafing out in the northern hemisphere areas that do get some days with below freezing temperatures during winter is probably not a good long term survival tactic for apple trees :confused: It’s about 5 1/2 months out of whack. Maybe it dreams of living in Australia.

I think it is an example showing that heat and drought stress can affect fruit trees in a similar way to chill hours. @applenut could probably weigh in on that.

The good news is that it’s unlikely to be attacked by aphids.

I’ll try to take a pic later. I’m not sure some would believe how drastically off cycle this tree is without evidence.

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Oh my, you are one patient person.
I have an Anna apple that bloomed last Thanksgiving and put out several blooms all winter long.
Is there such a thing as an apple whisperer?
We both might need one to communicate to our trees, LOL.

All you can do is hope that the tree survives the winter. As you know in fruit tree growing, often you get the bear but sometimes the bear gets you. :sweat_smile:

Mine didn’t leaf out until June. We get more chilling than you. That’s the issue. I’ve had this thing about 6 yrs and nary a blossom. I either need to whack it down or pot it up and get more chilling in the greenhouse of all places. I think I should just get it out of it’s misery.

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Muddy. I’m a believer. Almost nothing about Honeycrisp matches what I consider normal. It leafs out late, the foliage is big time ugly, and doesn’t known it’s chill hour needs. Then it goes and produces what many people considers to be the best apple in the world.

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It was my last apple too to break dormancy but by only a couple of weeks. It’s growing really well. Hopefully next year I can get a few pieces of fruit.

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Yeah that’s kind of weird. I have a HC on bud9 and a HC branch on a multi graft tree and right now the HC looks as good as anything else I’m growing. For me the ugliest foliage of my apples is hands down suncrisp and honorable mention Golden Russet. My suncrisp looks like it’s been rode hard and out away wet. It is also an aphid magnet along with Williams pride. It’s the only apples trees I grow that get attacked by aphids.


It will be worth it when it starts bearing. Take my word for it mine were very slow to produce apples! When they did produce apples they were not great apples the first year just good. Now they are excellent apples and highly productive. They are my favorite apple tree now.