Spring! Its a beautiful thing!

Tomatoes were transplanted a couple weeks ago. Starting to take off.

Carrots are sizing up nicely. Planted in mid November

Beets are really loving this warm 90 degree weather. Planted Nov.

Peach row in what we call the “garden orchard”

Apricot row


Eric the farm is just beautiful. Clean, mulched, organized and healthy. OMG the beets alone are incredibly big and strong at this point. Your farm makes me also want animals which I know I cannot have. You access to rich manure must be amazing. Looks like you’re going to have a fantastic year. I would love to see your farm one day and ride the tractor! Yep Spring is beautiful. Cannot wait till it gets here!

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Ha! Well I have a confession to make Mrs G! We only take pictures when things are clean enough to not embarrass us. True story. Notice that I dont post any pictures in late July and August after we are worn out from market season, and its 110 everyday and we arent keeping up on “clean and tidy”.

We are a virtual manure factory around here. Take your pick of any one of at least 10 types of poo. :slight_smile: Yes it does come in handy…tho its alot of work collecting it and moving it around to and fro. The other day we dug out more than a foot of chicken manure out of our chicken coop. Talk about a nasty job!


My corn, am I ahead of you Eric?

I know I’m not ahead on fruit trees but mine are still pretty. Unlike Eric we still face another 6 weeks of freeze danger.


It was single digit here two days ago!

Your veggies and fruit trees are so well cared for.

Who do you sell your products to, please? Lucky customers.

Those flowers are pretty. They don’t sow corn here until May.

Your corn is definitely ahead of mine Steven! We just seeded Friday.

We just sell to the locals who pass our place. We put banners up of what we have in season and let people come up to the house and pick and choose out of coolers we have set up on the front porch. Its all done on a honor system basis. Prices are marked and people put payment in a mason jar. Only once in 4 years have we had anyone steal from us.

Occasionally when we have a ton being harvested we will set up the ez-up’s and full farmers market set up out in front of our place and set and vend to the public. But honestly its alot of work at a hot time of year. And the stupid questions from well meaning people does get wearing. :slight_smile: Yes its good to educate but people dont really come to those types of things to learn for the most part.


You cheated on the corn! Your a month early right?

I’m only a month early if it freezes out. I’m sure it will need protection at some point. After it gets more than a foot tall that will be difficult.

You’re right I was about a month early but spring is early as well and I’ve got more seed. I’ll plant the next batch mid March.

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The way you planted it I thought you were covering the tops of the rows at night by laying something on top of the dirt mounds like a board. I remembered you saying you were planting corn early on another post.

I plant in furrows here because this soil dries out too fast. It’s much easier to get emergence in furrows. I haven’t helped these out any so far. Planted Febr 15 and emergence began Febr 24. It was 22, 30, and 24F on the nights of Febr 23-25. So it came up during freezing weather.

You know how crazy it is on the plains!!

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Yes they could be snow covered by the end of the week or you could be adding water to the furrows you never know. Those furrows are smart we use them also.

Just beautiful, so well organized, clean and neat. Love it, Eric.

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I am so jealous, but this week we are finally hitting a day time high of 60 here in the city. Most of my bulbs have started to emerge, everything else is asleep, not even the forsythia is budding.

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Wow did that help my ego, glad I’m not the only one.

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How do you keep the leaf miners away from your beet greens? They look beautiful and clean.

One of the beauties of living in the Sonoran desert is that we very few insect pests compared to the rest of the country. While we might see the occasional leaf miner they on the whole are quite rare.

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