Spring time chores

Cold Stream Farm delivered this afternoon.

English Oak
Black Mulberry
Carpathian Walnut
Osage Orange
Northern Pecan

Most of this lot should end up at Wisteria, with only a few to go to the SIC (sapling in chief).

Potting up in earnest has begun.

Ilost a ton of stock last spring due to very cold late-spring weather.

I am feeling nervous nellie enough that I brought in everything I had potted up of Cold Steam’s. it can go out on Sunday when weather warms.

So far everything that I have had long enough this spring is waking up. A much happier spring than last year.

Now most of the trees I’ve ordered will end up at one campground or another here in OH. (Stacked Stones retreat, or Wisteria)

Except possibly for the azalea that arrived today. They are really inflaming my hoarding gland. Oh, and they are tiny just rooted cuttings. Yea thats it, sure…

On Alan Bishops “Homegrown Goodness” forums there was an offer last fall for free chestnuts. ‘Castenea’ sure delivered. eight cultivars I don’t know how I would have obtained by other means.

I have some bloodroot on order. I think I will go plant them to field when the BR comes in, up at Sunshines’ (the sapling-in-chief).

My chores this year have been to round up fruiting and or fruitful trees shrubs for Wisteria and Stacked Stones campgrounds.

Right or wrong I figure witch hazel to to be perfect blooming. So when I stumbled onto H. ovalis I could afford, I bought two. One fer each site. The nursery was only willing to deliver the day of receipt of check. It was pretty much take it or leave it for delivery.

Well I potted them up and sunk their pots to the rim into a garden bed, and did the urgency dance from February till today, when they were obviously leaf-ing out.

So much for their provinance of deep-southern exotic-ness. I hope the bloom color is noticably different though.

Perhaps a bit of useless trivia. I cold stratified pots of standard apple seed and antonovka apple seed. FWIW the antonovka germinated in its pot a full three weeks before the standard apple seed did.

Coppice, you never know when bits of “useless trivia” like that will come in handy.

It sounds like you are really enjoying these projects. I hope the results are everything you envision.

I got in a few days back some antonovka saplings from St. Lawrence. I also got some top-wood from a wisterian (a local campground). I mated the antonovka to Nellies cherished top wood this morning.

Fingers crossed, I haven’t done this in like forever.

I read on another forum, a southern lady using “neem” meal on soil as a systemic for borer.

Has anybody else tried this?

An organic systemic would be a boon for me.

I have finished off the pan of antonovka seedlings. they are all pricked out into cells. And I am just starting on my pot of mystery (apple) seedlings.

I don’t expect to use them as intact trees, they too will become feet for others selected scions.

My next endeavor will be to hunt up some Rhododendron Fastigiatum. I’m feeling a little lazy and my fast google didn’t turn up anything that makes me think they are true to type.

Issat a nursery in your pocket? or are you just glad to be rid of me? :wink:

FWIW I had one years ago, and it lived down to all I could hope for as bonsai.

I have been away at the SIC’s campground, weeding and building raised beds. The daughter tends to build in the cold-war model of mutually assured plantation.

The last batch were for culinary herbs and were built out of split hollow logs. They were still in dry-dock when I left, and are about dreadnaught sized.

I think the fourty gallons of soiless mix I made up will not be enough.