Here is a photo of my nanking cherries blooming. I know most people don’t care for them but I kind of have a soft spot for them. It was the first type of fruit tree I ever planted. I bought four of them from gu

rneys about thirty years ago. One of the original bushes is still alive. These are all seedlings that I moved from mom and dads two years ago. Mom makes jelly out of them but I am thinking wine!

They look wonderful Jason.Thanks for sharing. Brady

Thanks Brady. I’m just glad to see spring. You can only plan so long, sure is nice to get ur hands in the dirt.

You spring guys are killin’ me! Buds are just starting to swell in central Ia. Really jealous. :grimacing:

It will b spring in Iowa soon too :smiley:

Nice pics and pass along plants!! They are very hardy and make a lovely border. The fruit should make a lovely tasty wine. Just put some netting over them when they fruit so the birds dont get them before you do. My grandma used to make jam from the fruit.


I have read that often the birds will clean nanking cherries off the bush but that has never been an issue at mom and dads. They live in the woods with just a clearing around the house. I live a few miles away and am surrounded by pastures. I hope my ope location isn’t an invitation for the birds .

Hardy almond

Hoping this doesn’t fizzle out by the time April 7 & 8 roll around. This is exciting weather for us in drought-stricken S. California.

Not much spring in New England yet. Looks like it could be “one of those years”. From winter to 70 degrees in a matter of a few weeks.

60F yesterday…low 60Fs today and maybe low 70Fs tomorrow…seeming some pink on the apricots… About normal this year for bloom by the looks of it…weekend is suppose to cool down again and hopefully after that we get into mild pattern.

Rob you might bloom ahead of me this year. We have had almost no temps above 70 and nothing in the long-term forecast above 70 now either. Around now is often petal fall for apricots, and right now there is almost no pink. I still haven’t even done my dormant spray.