Square foot gardening question

I plan on trying some square foot gardening this year. I will being making a 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 compost mix. I also was going to try some other raised boxes with just Promix in them. I didn’t know what kind to buy, HP or BX. I bought HP because it was more expensive, but now I realize the main difference is that it drains a lot better. Does it drain too fast to use in an outside raised bed. I’m in Ohio, we do get a fair amount of humidity and rain , but it also can be hot and dry for extended periods.


HP is the best and you should just add more compost depending on how much water you want your soil to hold. Go ahead and use the hp to start all your seedlings in as its excellent for that.

*** Its the one most greenhouses and nurseries use for container gardening and if you check on them regularly should be fine. A top layer of compost helps with the heat and water retention though.

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I recommend square yard instead of square foot. Also, the more organic material (ground plant and moss) the more soil biology you are inviting – including those that chew on roots. I use half sand in my garden soil:

3 parts washed sand (“3/32 minus” from a quarry)
2 parts ground sphagnum or triple-ground redwood
1 part cured dried composted greenery waste

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