Squirrels jumping in them trees

It has been a very mild winter here in Alaska, this morning I can see them squirrels jumping around the trees in the forest. No surprise with the temperature being a balmy 22F.


They’re working up an appetite for your fruit trees.


in Spokane here and they’re nesting already. we only have two so far but the army is on the way I’m sure. we got but one or two real deep freeze over winter. 37F today, was 20F last week

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That’s cool, I didn’t catch you were in Spokane. I was born and raised there. I went west for college and never went back to the snow. I am very nostalgic about Spokane. Love that you are a tattoo artist. Good luck with the squirrels.

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it’ll need a lot of luck! you moved far? I grew up coal country pa, moved out west about 25 years ago

No just to seattle area. All my family is back in Spokane. And my coming of age friends. It’s like we are in high school again every time I make it back to Spokane. The only problem is new stop signs and lights in all the new subdivisions. Have to keeps my eyes peeled👀. Especially out south of the valley or south hill in Palouse country.

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cool that you are a tattoo artist.
i’m trying to get rid of my tattoos haha.
I considered to cover it with other tattoos.
But I bought a cheap nd:yag laser from China for it.
is not the newest tattoo removal laser, no piccosecond laser.
but works and was much much cheaper than if I would go to a dermatologist.
I just had to buy extra expensive goggles because I didn’t trust the cheap ones that came with the laser.
One tattoo was successfully removed

Do you also do tattoo removal?

it hurts way more than getting a tattoo :sweat_smile:

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no but I’ve had it done and it sure does hurt more

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the problem here is, medical practices have to do it by law

I paid about 630 euros for my laser with customs fees and the extra protective goggles that I had to buy (which is very important with such powerful lasers). If I had it done by a doctor, I would have paid over 1000 euros

i wanted to build the laser myself because it’s not that difficult, the nd:yag crystal, a xenon flash lamp and two mirrors partially
reflective and fully reflective, but then I figured out that it’s cheaper to buy a ready-made one

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