Squirrels not his biggest problem

If I see these in my pear tree I might move on to a new hobby.

Pic 001


HAHAHAH!! OMG, can you imagine!?! Needed a good laugh today, thanks Bill!!

Patty S.

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Not photo-shop?

Hey I raise goats. This little guy born couple days ago. I hope he never sees that picture


Well, that’s one way of testing the strength and integrity of grafts.


GREAT PHOTO. I love it!

I didn’t know you were a goat guy, Phil. And since this IS in the “Picture” category and you did start it, I can’t resist posting one of the goats I had born this year. Mine was born on Feb 1 and photo was taken 3 hours later. If it were a beauty contest, I have to say yours would win! But all baby goats are cute.


Never stand under a ‘Goat Tree’.


the only tree-climbing hoofed animal. Amazing right?

i have opposable thumbs, yet couldn’t ‘get a grip’ attempting such arboreal ability

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That’s one way to prune a tree.

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Ya goats are also a good way to get totally bare soil that washes and blows away. That’s what I see in that picture. Way too many goats and not enough for them to eat so they kill everything, except the olive tree.

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You would think the guy following the goat tracks would have figured it out by now.

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LOL. I raised goats when I was a “kid”. :slightly_smiling: They were pets and liked to follow me around. Our house was in a rural area, so I had lots of room to take them on mile long walks. Fond memories.

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