St. Lawrence Nurseries Taking Orders

They just started taking orders and have more than just apples again. I’m thinking of getting a Minnesota 1734 from them. Does anyone have experience with this one?


I ended up going with the Minnesota 1734. I feel like you can never have enough russets.


I’ll be interested in hearing how the MN 1734 does for you. It’s a variety that’s on my “want” list


SMC_zone6: Did MN 1734 take? It is available at a scion fair here in Spokane next month and I am considering it if I can’t get another russet (Golden Harvey or a Dave Benscoter re-discovery, Autumn Gray).

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I got mine as a tree and it’s doing fine. No fruit for a few years though, probably.

Oh, of course: St. Lawrence on standard stock. Hope you love it. If it comes to live in my yard I’ll keep you posted on developments. I’ll put it to something semi-dwarf (Geneva 30, Bud118, am grafting to Bardsey and air-layering from that, it is so tolerant of drought and makes juicy apples; might try the same with Edelborsdorfer for its attributes and to GoldRush for its strong dwarfing and huge flavor. Am banking on the notion stocks influence scion over the decades.)
Am trying to remember how vigorous MN1734 is reputed to be.

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Dave, do you have any info you can send me on the scion fair?

Coming up Saturday March 16, 10 am to 2 or 3 pm. Located at Church of the Resurrection, Sullivan and 8th. No admission fee, scions $5 each. Over 100 varieties available, mostly apple (including ten previously thought extinct which Dave Benscoter has found), some plum and pear.

Grafting class offered, for which one must preregister and pay a larger fee. (brown paper tickets?)


Great! Thank you!

Propagation Fair in 2020 will take place March 21. Same place & a bit earlier in the day, if I remember aright. I’ll help with the grafting class (which you probably know plenty about with all your stone fruit experience!)

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Thanks for the reminder Dave. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, I won’t have any conflicts and will be able to attend. I am confident that I can always learn more!

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Dave, unfortunately it looks like I will have to be out of town on March 21st. I do have a decent number of peach and some apricot scions that I would like to donate to the scion exchange. Maybe I can get them into your hands or the hands of @mikeinspangle

Well, I don’t expect there will be any peach or apricot scions otherwise, so that would be a plus. Give me a call & we’ll make a rendezvous.
Anything you are looking for (beyond peach or apricot)?

There will be a number of plum varieties. I made my very first dormant bud graft of plum (Mt. Royal) last spring because of this event.

(509) - which is a land line, so you won’t probably need to dial it - 328-9183

Dave Liezen (rhymes with season)

Some plums might be interesting. I’ll give you a call.

I also have a maiden of Ersinger. Am planning to cut a piece of it right away so I can make another dormant bud graft of it onto a remaining Marianna 2624. (Am thinking Lovell might have been the better choice in my very sandy soil.) Want the rest? Only one scion of it this year.

Plum scions available last year:
Bavay’s Gage, Empress, Green Gage, Monsieur Hatif (AKA Early Orleans), Mt. Royal, Prune d’Agen

Methley, Shiro, Sugar (I think that’s Asian)

I see @mikeinspangle listed:
Coe’s Golden Drop
Monsieur Hatif
Mt. Royal
Petite D’Agen
for the 2020 Propagation Fair as well.

I have the following to donate:
Rio Oso Gem

Canadian White Blenheim