Stark dwarf rootstock


Hey, a quick question for the crowd…i am cleaning up a neighbors half-freeze-killed asian pears (second leaf), hehad a bunch that were labeled dwarf from starks. The rootstock is incredibly thorny, seems to sucker freely, and feels like weak wood…any thoughts wtf this stuff is?

I do not like it…


Sounds like a Callery rootstock. LOTS of thorns on them, around here anyway.


Would callery dwarf?


I am not sure actually. Unless they use an interstem perhaps.I know if you contact Stark they could possible give you a few options of what they use as rootstocks. I have done that several times.
What size does it actually get?


No idea, he got 8 the spring before last, cold last winter killed 5 completely and 3 had some scion regrowth.

Mostly curious because whatever they used, i want to avoid it.


Stark doesnt know either. They have no clue what rootstocks they are selling. Been through it with them before.


Hmmm…given my limited description anyone have any thoughts? Maybe just seedling ussurensis?