Stark Northern Prize Walnut

Has anyone grown/is growing Stark’s Northern Prize Walnut? I’ve got my hands on several IL adapted varieties thanks to Dax, but had been planning on ordering a Northern Prize also. It has apparently been discontinued indefinitely which is annoying Does anyone know if it was worth growing and if so is there any way to purchase/locate scion wood from it?

Is this a U.S. eastern black walnut, a European cultivar, or ?

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I’ve never heard of it. I would not get hung up on it though, there are plenty of other varieties as good or better. You would have paid 5x as much from Starks anyways.

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Carpathian/English walnut

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Fedco Trees sells a Carpathian Walnut. It may be similar to what you’re looking for.

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If carpathian walnuts were easily productive I’m guessing they’d be more commonly grown in the eastern U.S. where it is too cold to grow more conventional ones. It seems they are very susceptible to some kind of weevil here in NY State.

When I first got my property in NY I bought a lot of specialty trees from Starks that only they sold. None of them… not one, panned out.

Where I am, it seems like only chestnuts, filberts and black walnuts are worth growing of nut species. The first two need to be blight resistant varieties.

One other word of caution. Squirrels.

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