Start-of-season requests--American Persimmon and JT-02 spares?

so I had a “what did winter kill” thread, and in tallying up the damage I lost both a Yates (almost 5’ tall) and an Early Golden (3’) that were not fans of the fluke polar vortex weather. Surprisingly it looks as though my peregrine peach and all apricots made it but not so much for persimmon.

I had a couple runty rootstocks last year I let grow out, anyone have any celebrity, WS 8-10, or JT-02 by chance? Happy to pay shipping. And if that anyone has So or Sugar Cane juju as well, they are my new best friend…

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I have 2 extra sugarcane scions I can send you. I was hoping to get JT-02 this year also but cliff had sold out of trees before I could get one and I don’t think he’s sharing scions of it yet. if you want the 2 sugarcane scions shoot me a message and I’ll get them on out to you.