Starting my fig workshop

Garden is not complete till all plants/tree’s get equal care, this time is my fig group. Having 2 groups, one container and one inground. Container group are already taking care off, new media, fertilizers, ready to go.
Inground, more problematic, branches will be growing close to the ground, like 14” high. Don’t want to spend on anything elaborate. Stella survive the Fortex, will work on that one first.

Some of my inground chew up by the Fortex will be work on next. Problem, have way too many of them.

Just keeping the strongest/ longest branches. LSU GOLD is a very strong grower, fruits needs to be dead ripe to taste decent. Huge figs.

These inground tree’s will be 6’ around August. With pinching, pushing them to go into fruiting, than cutting branches to 8” short stumps, around January before the real cold days start.


Winterizing for next year. These might withstand another Polar Vortex.

these growing branches will be about 6 feet tall, than bend down horizontal to about 14” high. Developing side branches will shortened to about 4”. Maybe it will work.
Do you like my work of art? My wife fig jam that I use to do my fig jam bourbon pork chops. Not bad!


Bob, your LSU gold fruits are so huge!! With so many fig trees, your family must be very happy! They are quite expensive here (at least a dollar each) and a perfect ripe fruit is priceless! You are wise to prepare for another vortex. The temperature is mostly unpredictable. Can you believe that night temperature will drop to 45F here for a couple of nights? I am tired to bring my trees in and out of my greenhouse. It will be the third time this spring.

Amy, always nice to hear from you! There are several members that are also dear to me, some are gone, a pitty.
Your busy schedule take most of your time, i understand, just keep in touch if you can.

Bob, how are your persimmons recovering from the vortex? I am sure that they will bounce back in no time with your cares if there’s any sign of life.
Bob, here is my collection. I didn’t buy anything new this year. I think that I will enjoy watching them grow from now on.


The last picture is my collection of pawpaw trees. I plan to grow them in container until they get a little bit bigger

Amy, paw2 like to grow long taproots. I don’t have any luck having no taproot with paw2, but my soil here is very rocky. I can show you a paw paw tree that’s 4 or 5 years old, still alive but only 2 feet tall, bought from a good company. Tree came with a large rootball for a small tree. Should have regraft it a few years ago.
Btw, I saw your post and Jan’s, you two are just plain remarkable. You now have a large collection of varieties so have Jan, amazing and in such a short time. Not to forget Laura, also amazing.

Bob, we are remarkable because we learned so much from you! Did you see Jan’s trees? Loll, they are beautiful and she said that she neglected them this year. I can’t believe how nicer they could be if she had more time loll. I think that she miss you because I sure do and that’s why I sign up here to keep in touch with you!
Bob, your persimmon is recovering nicely! It’s leafing out everywhere! What do you feed it?

Saw a mini mango on my carrie tree. I will be lucky if it won’t abort it

Persimmon in containers? I wouldn’t know. I suggest a low nitrogen to prevent extensive fruit drop. I feed my inground triple 13 before dormancy break. If you grow only one tree or two, I would use Osmocote plus, the 9 month variety.