Starting Rose Cuttings

My hobby is Orchard but my wife has Rose Gardens. I tried all summer to start cuttings with no success until lately.
I have five that I KNOW are going to make it so far.

I like to grow about anything. Starting Roses is OK.

I’ll tell what worked for me and what does not a little later if there is any interest.
I know very little. It seems so easy if you watch Youtube.

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Sorry, got called away earlier.
Anyway, I tried every type of potting soil that they sell and no luck. MY problem was that the soil holds too much water and the cuttings rot.
After I started using 100% peat moss my luck has changed. I got 5 of the last 7 to start.
The only other thing that I learned is to start them in clear containers so that you can see how well the roots are growing before you try to move them to bigger pots.
I use the normal throwaway water bottle with the top cut out and holes in the bottom. I was using old black liner pots before. The water bottles can be easily cut away to not disturb the roots.
I get the peat moss as wet as it can be before I start but no standing water anywhere.
I don’t know if it is helping but I am also using root hormone.


I had good luck by scrapping an inch of bark on the side at bottom end to induce callousing then dip it in powder root hormone then into the clear plastic cup.