Stone fruit from seed

I had some peach seedlings I did in 2016 and in the fall of 2017 we had an early fall freeze. Down to 21F and it killed my tree peach seedlings. I didn’t really discover this till the spring of 2018. Sucks! So now pushed back 3 years here I go again.
I crossed Arctic Glo nectarine with Indian Free Peach as I would like a fruit that ripens inbetween. that is the reason for the cross. I’m happy with the flavor of both. I’m always willing to try other red fleshed peaches, but scion is hard to come by.
Anyway here are the two new seedlings

Arctic Free :slight_smile:

Indian Glo :slight_smile:

I also harvested some seeds from my favorite pluots and let mother nature cross them. Just growing out for fun. I have about 7 of them. some are struggling. These are about the best.
I used seeds from Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Nadia, Honey Punch, and Flavor Grenade.
Here are a few of them.

This one is interesting as none I have, have purple leaves. Well. the only tree I have with purple leaves is Spice Zee Nectaplum. Looks like plum leaves. But interesting the first has leaves that look inbetween a peach and a plum. Last year i added a purple leafed plum Hollywood, but it was just grafted, no flowers so no possible way. Purple may be recessive and both parents might have had it. Seeds were mixed up so unsure of any of the parents?


This is my peach tree started from seed in 2017. It grew a lot in 2018. It’s pretty much ungrafted except for one tiny stick I put on it in August to see if it’ll take. It took!
I’m going to graft to it this year. It’s

nice to see how fast they grow from seed.

By the way don’t look at the “raised bed”. It’s a work in progress :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good! Mine would have been that big too if the darn freeze didn’t kill them. I lost 3 small mulberries rooted from cuttings too, and 2 figs., Oh well.
Yes i want to branch it early and use it for grafting as well as letting it have a scaffold itself.


Hey did the purple leaf plant ever reach maturity? Growing out some peach seeds of my own for fun, I see you were growing these indoors as well. When do you transplant these outdoors, after last frost? I started mine mid november and theyre about 2.5ft tall now, its still plenty cold outside but I will be planting bare root trees in a good six weeks or so and wondering when I can put them out. Running out of space and I have 3 more plum seedlings to take their place.

Are you still growing out stone fruit seedlings these days?


We moved into a house with a few peach trees and I’m 90% sure some of them are volunteers. There are even a couple seedlings nearby. The peaches were delicious last year, so I don’t know what they are but they’re hardy at least. I’m thinking of digging the smallest ones up to put in my parents garden. Good luck with yours!