Stone Fruit Harvest

For the last few years after harvesting plums and peaches, I noticed something strange. About a month will pass and the trees will start to bloom again. Every time the bloom doesn’t set any fruit, it will just die off. Is this normal for stone fruit to bloom after a harvest and not set fruit?

Has anyone been successful at producing two separate harvests of stone fruit the same year?

If so, how did you accomplish it?

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That is interesting Ron, it would really be nice if we could double crop stone fruit. You are in a much warmer zone than me, my experience here is that a second bloom never has time to produce fruit. I have seen this after a long drought, it is like the tree perceives cool wet fall like it would spring.

I have a Superior plum that set some fruit, then got hit with a hard frost. The fruitlets grew to about 5/8" but looked bad then fell off. About 4 weeks ago it bloomed again and the fruitlets are about 3/8" right now. Several have shriveled up and fallen off , but a few are still green. If they stay on I think they could ripen by the late September. We’ll see.

The plant suffer from stress

Yes, the leaves of this particular plum tree are curled and off-color. The newest growth looks a little better. It has been hot and drier than normal all summer, but every other plum tree nearby has nice, waxy looking green leaves. It is smaller than the other trees, maybe that’s why it is more stressed. I don’t think it is in mortal danger, so I’ll just wait and see. I have two other Superiors that are doing okay.