Stone fruit set 2019

I am overjoyed to announce to this group of excellent fruit growers, that I finally have a Harglow that is full of fruitlets. The Tomcot has pollinated fruitlets as well, but fewer. For me last year was an apple year. This year will definitely belong to stone fruit. The Montmorency is loaded as well and all of the plums are finally in bloom. The plums especially are full with blossoms. Too bad I had to seriously top work my plum trees this year or else I would hopefully have buckets more of plums that I love.

It’s been difficult to keep up with my orchard after heart surgery and the death of my husband last year. I do it alone. Yes, I do have a lawn guy, but they know nothing of fruit trees. I am ecstatic just to see the abundance of blossoms. Not easy doing this on your own, but I am.


I am happy for you @mrsg47! Keep up the great work…


Great news, Mrs. G. Keep up Surround spray.


I had no idea you had undergone heart surgery! You have had a year of it, and let’s hope that the Harglow is a harbinger.