Stool bed

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a nice stool bed for EMLA 7


Did you have any luck with this Stool bed ? I’m looking to start 1 this season

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You know I saw this thread pop up here a while back and thought I should update it. The first thing that happened was my emla 7 rootstock got about five foot high and then leaned over at an angle a common issue for Emla 7 as someone here pointed out. It did send out several suckers which it is also prone to do. In the conditions here I felt that the poor anchor the roots were providing made it a poor choice to use as a root stock. I shifted gears a bit and started growing seedling rootstock and putting a bud 9 interstem on before grafting the desired variety. The emla 7 is still growing and has several suckers that would probably root if I buried them in wood chips .

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Good Afternoon,
Here are a few failed grafts of mine I’m considering growing out till next spring, then cutting them at ground level. Will that (hopefully) send shoots up from the roots? Then add saw dust etc. I think have the the steps down correctly just want to know if these rootstocks are good enough to use to make more rootstocks? Any help is appreciated