Stooling plum rootstocks?

Hi folks my first post here so still trying to figure out my way around

I have numerous plum trees that sucker a fair amount, I was thinking of trying to stool the suckers by placing a bottomless 5 gallon bucket over them nick the bark and coat with rooting hormone then fill with sawdust and set a dripper on them to keep moist. Has anyone had luck with this ? Some of these rootstocks are kinda hard to find and expensive when you do so I’d really like to make this work. Any advice would be helpful TIA


I’m sure that would work. My limited experience with plums (as well as apricots on Marianna, which is also used for plums) is that you don’t even need rooting hormone. Dig up a few suckers and pot them up would be my guess.

Rootstocks will vary, and maybe this one experience is an outlier, but here’s what happened to me:

A friend gave me “a plum tree” from the suckers off her unknown, feral prune. I threw it unwrapped into the back of my car and forgot about it for a week or so. When I had time I cleaned it out and discovered it to be two trees with roots wrapped around each other. Roots weren’t very impressive, maybe a foot of root with a few little roots growing here and there. I stuck one in the ground and it grew. Beautiful little tree, but it later got killed by an excavator. But it threw up several suckers, and I yanked one of them out of the ground and stuck it in another spot, and it’s still producing, more than 10 years later. Oh, and there’s still suckers coming up from that original spot.

(Incidentally, I grafted a scion from it to nanking cherry rootstock, and it took and is growing nicely. It’s very dwarfed, produces lots of small prunes, and doesn’t send up any suckers, which is what we were hoping for when we tried it.)


Prunus americana do well for me here. They send up lots of sucker growth and graft easily.
Many Wild Plums are naturally thicket forming. I grow many other plums but none do as well as these.


Most wild plums sucker a lot. If you want to grow a new rootstock either cut them off about a foot underground and pot the new tree, or if you were asking about multiplying one into several (stooling) this also is possible.
This website has good instructions for stooling
Kent, Wa

Prunus Americana are easy to graft. Almost any plum will graft to them and they are pretty good if you dont graft them. 1 plum turns into 100 very quickly. Just order some inexpensive ones like these American Plum - Prunus Americana | Deciduous Trees | Cold Stream Farm

The down side ofcourse is the upside they sucker like crazy. There will be plums growing everywhere I have hundreds of them popping up but digging them up is a lot of work.