Stored Apples Report 2019-20

December 1st - how are your stored apples doing? Any surprises? My storage is a root cellar that is now about 40 deg. These are what I have:

Dudley - this large, fairly tart apple isn’t a keeper (though I’m guessing the original was, given its name of Dudley Winter) so I’m not criticizing its condition, especially considering it was picked two months ago when the cellar was warm. Given all that it’s doing fairly well, getting soft, some on the edge of mealy, and have lost flavor. They aren’t much for fresh eating (though certainly edible) but still good for sauce. This really is their max for storage.

Haralson - these are coming into their own now, picked Oct. 8, are in very good condition, firm, crisp, moderately juicy. Getting sweeter and more flavorful for fresh eating, recently made a very good apple crisp.

Black Oxford - picked Oct. 17, is now good for fresh eating, firm, no longer hard, has developed its mild sweet flavor, not a juicy apple but very pleasant eating. Haven’t cooked any yet.

I also have two unknowns, limited numbers unfortunately, that have been a good bridge between good late summer/early fall apples and now when Haralson and Black Oxford are starting to be good. Both are juicy, tender crisp, on the tart side but with flavor, still in good condition. Be glad when I have more to fit in this time frame for fresh eating. Sue