Stow fruit Z- How true from seed

Hi, how " true from seed" are stone fruir?

And… are there differences between different varietis?


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I saved some of seeds from fruits in my own backyard. I want to find out how true they might be

ive been spitting out the stones from my u of sk cherries on the ground around their parents. im sure some will come up next spring. i will transplant some of them to compare to thier parents how they fruit.

Re haven and montmorency come darn close to a clone in all my tries, 13 tres.

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Unless it is a super rare variety, with very high qualities not shared by similar varieties, I won’t bother growing a stone fruit from seed. A good example for such situation is Anya apricot. Otherwise, you are looking for a waiting time of 4-7 years to get the first crop (which is not of the best quality), and additional 2-3 years for the tree to mature and produce best-quality fruit. On top of that, one will need to grow at least half dozen trees so that he/she maximizes their chances of getting a tree with desirable qualities. If you have not already, I recommend reading @Stan ’s posts on his experiment growing Anya seedlings.


All my seedling fruit trees grow better than the grafted version. My sour cherries are healthier than grafted but do take an extra year to produce. Anyway It is a lot cheaper than paying $45 each to catalogs for bear rootless sticks that half die anyway.

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planning to take all my sour cherry seeds and grow them to share with family, friends or trade with others for different fruit trees/ bushes. building a raised nursery bed next spring and plant all the stones from my s. cherries in there.

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Italian Plums come pretty true to serd