Strange Scions...Sick?

I have a questionable Claygate Pearmain apple scion, and I don’t know if its condition is the norm for that cultivar or not; that name does not come up much in the forum. It has some damage and some odd bumps where I think the buds usually are, and I don’t want to graft a diseased scion to a healthy tree. Any ideas?

Here are two more pix. Notice that some buds look normal.

These two are not the same bud. ↑ ↓

If I were to guess, the damage was caused by canker.

Hopefully, others can chime in.

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I have a pristine tree that is growing at my parents house that has similar bumps on it. I took scion from it and grafted a new tree at my house which doesn’t show the same bumps so far

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I think I’m going to compromise and graft the suspicious scion to a wild tree by the creek. It’s already a ‘holding tank’ for other local and store-bought varieties. I can keep an eye on the stick; in case it does have canker or ? it will get the ax.