Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


An inversion… 850mb would be very high (5000ft)…with inversions the air can be warmer not that much above our heads…that is why they use helicopters to pull that warmer air down…Have no idea what under ideal conditions the temp could drop to.

In this setup i wouldn’t worry too much…do you recall last May 15th what your low was with that setup???
Obviously local conditions will have a huge impact on that (frost pocket/vs hill top)… Plus soil temps, moisture, dewpoint// any bit of wind/cloudiness…

This is why at least the main weather sites (NWS) tend to refer to climo for that date. The models around here always kick out much lower numbers then what usually happens and the NWS always “corrects” them to match what usually happens with these sort of atmospheric setups.


I think was making fun of me, it predicted 10F and ice/snow, but now it changed to 36F. I guess I will be fine. But this year my Jujubes and Persimmons leafed out much earlier due to the strange weather, I may need to protect them against frost, but it’s manageable.



Heat incoming for your part of the country…i get a taste…but i’ll take//you should be 80Fs no prob.


Much better!


Sounds like a great day!


Here we go… 2 stations outside… backyard sitting at 40F…front at 42F… Really dropped fast after the sun dropped…think we made it to around 61F today.


41F here, 47F on the hill a few blocks away. On the way down.

I don’t have data from my station for May 15, 2016. But it looks like we didn’t get anywhere close to frost then, based on the nearest WU user station, even with a dew point of 26F. It looks like we had wind that you must not have had.

Right now we have mid-30’s dew points, so that should hopefully help.


Sitting between 35F and 37F on the 2 weather stations in my yard…yikes. I covered what i could with sheets…blankets…towels… The drop has slowed somewhat…but i think 28F to 30F is pretty likely in my yard.

It was dead calm out there…and the stars were shining brightly.


Oh my, a cold, clear, calm night does not bode well, especially if yer sitting at around 36 right now. You still have, what, another 6 hours of darkness left?


Front yard shows low of 31.5f…back 27.5f… Cold really pools back there… Frost on the car roof, frost on the house roof…no ice in the bird bath. Should be ok…

The official airport reading shows 36F…

The 2 cold pockets nearest here…(east in bog area of Wisconsin)…dropped to 25F.


I had 30.7F in my backyard this morning. The WU station about 3/4 of a mile away up on the hill was 37.7F. That delta-T of 7F is always what worries me. I have a really bad cold pool.

Hopefully I’m done with this for the year. The 10-day looks warm, but nothing too warm. Should be pleasant. I am hoping to take Friday afternoon off and get as many grafts in as possible, as I haven’t had time yet to do it.


Last night was about optimum for radiational frost…i think that is it… The extended looks very nice…i’m going to plant out tomatoes, etc probably today or tomorrow…


31F here about sunrise. I’m expecting the same on Saturday


Ugh, yeah, looks like Sat night/Sun could be another round for us. It is being hinted at in the long-term NWS forecast discussion.


I noticed the Euro came back colder this afternoon…still think its warmer then this morning.

My tomatos sat out all night last night…they look fine. The cold must not have lasted very long.


NWS La Crosse had this out this afternoon…

NAEFS ensemble has 850mb temps 1/2 to 1 std deviation
below normal by Sat night/Sun. Even though Sat/Sun are looking
sunny, consensus highs trending to be a category or 2 below normal
both days appear well trended. The weekend airmass will be quite
dry, and with clear skies/light winds at night, strong radiational
cooling expected, especially Sat night with the sfc ridge axis
nearby/overhead. What should be well mixed sfc dew points in the
upper 20s to mid 30s Sat afternoon give a good early prog for
potential lows Sat night/early Sun morning. Appears frost headlines
will again be needed for much of the area later Sat night into early
Sun morning. Plenty of time to detail that over the next couple

Probably a light frost…doubt i’ll move anything around…probably just risk it.


Beautiful! Sad but beautiful.


Here’s one of those icicle trees one week later. . .

Looks like we escaped serious damage, should have a nice crop on all the trees.


Not sure how it looks up by you…but the frost monster is back in the forecast for about the whole state (WI)… Looking right around freezing by Sunday morning…


My forecast low is 38 Saturday morning and 41 Sunday morning. I’ll probably bungee the sprinkler to the top of the step ladder and run it just to be on the safe side. My orchard is very low surrounded by high ground so if its calm it can really drop back there.