Strawberries leaves not doing well?

Hello everyone,

I have been growing strawberries for a few weeks now. Many look happy but some seem to be losing leaves or have leaves that look almost dried out or a little curled as pictured. Any ideas? The soil is new with fertilizer (proper amount).

It’s hard to say? I usually would not fertilize new plants. I like to let them get established first. Compost is as strong as I go for new plants. It’s not fertilizer burn though. The ground looks pretty darn dry, and mulch them for sure. When growing, strawberries like water. Hard to overwater when healthy.


Do they flower or attempt to flower? If so, remove all the flowers stalks, let the energy to go in the roots…


Like Drew said, your soil looks dry. Strawberries have fairly shallow roots and don’t like to dry out. You want your soil to stay steady damp. You also want to make sure you didn’t bury the crown, just the roots or the crown will rot. I made the mistake of burying my strawberries too deep on my first plants.

The biggest enemy of my strawberries is pill bugs. They will chew off leaves during the night.


The biggest enemy (at least in size) are rabbits.Today three bushed where cleaned to the berry stalks - no leaves any more, just berries… The worst thing, I saw the bandit when it stack in the net it made a hole in - and while I was thinking if I can kill it with a brick , he untangled and escaped…

That is one benefit I hadn’t thought of for using bricks in raised beds…

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