Strawberry plants stay 1 inch high?

My strawberry plants are not doing great. They are hunkering close to ground, rather than growing tall like at u pick farms. Some cultivars are more northern, but i see this problem with cultivars proven to do well in Southern California like sweet ann and monterrey and mara des bois or sequoia.

Has anyone else faced this and figured out why? Not enough oxygen at crown and base of roots? Thanks for your help. Honestly, strawberries are great but seem like they need too much attention and work.

I found out alpine cultivars do not spread so there is that. Also many strawberry do not get very high or have a deep root system. I had Mara Des Bois and not only did they not spread but for whatever reason I had less by the end of summer. I started with 25 and had something like 10-13 by the end. Don’t know what happened to them. Is Mara Des Bois a alpine variety I am not sure.

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you are in a pretty dry area. maybe the low humidity is stunting them? my maras are not the biggest strawberry plant but still good sized. usually 8-10in. high in 1st year. stunting by year 3, when i take them out. they do runner but not as aggressively as say June bearers.

@elivings1 my Mara Des Bois sent out plenty of runners last year. Hoping to relocate some soon.

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Wonder why mine did not runner than.

maybe they arent maras? my alpines dont send out runners but some types of them do. maybe you have alpines? i think most other strawberries runner.

During the active growing season, even alpine strawberries get some height to them if they are happy, so I doubt that’s a factor here. I’d say they can easily be 6-8" tall.

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Yeah, my alpines are fine. 6 inches high. Fruiting now.

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my 4 yr. old alpines are bigger than my other ones. reason i thought they might be alpines is the lack of runners.

No, it is not an Alpine. Its a Canadian, or French hybrid day neutral. Very popular here. The latest great cross here is the Mariguettes. A cross between Mara and Gariguettes. It is a sensational tasting strawberry! Hope you get them soon!