Strawberry Problems


Looks like a pretty healthy young Alpine to me. Leaves are a touch curled, possibly just a reaction to daytime heat. Mine look like that on 85-90F days—and we’ve been having quite a few such days during this unseasonably hot late spring. That strawberry looks like it might be ripening unevenly. Could be caused by a number of things—including high heat. I think the plant might respond well to mulch—especially if you live in a hot climate. Where are you located, by the way?


I’m in Ontario Canada. The strawberries are all ripening the same way, very soft and small. Not edible.

So they don’t color up fully? Not sure what it could be, unless the plant is lacking something in the way of nutrients—or unless it was recently planted and it is focusing more energy on establishment than fruiting.

Of course, by nature, Fragaria vesca/alpina strawberries are very soft and small. But then, they should also be flavorful. If picked prematurely they tend to be pretty bland. When ripe, they are fragrant. As is the case with many fruiting plants, flavor and size improves with establishment and age.

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Those are a week away from being ripe, maybe two. Leave some on until they rot to get an idea how long to let them hang. If rotting at that stage, i would say the plant is young. Give it a year.
They look like alpines and when ripe are super soft, easy to squish them by mistake. The nature of alpines. Those look about as big as they get.

Your ‘problem’ is it’s not likely a “Junebearer” which you probably wanted and expected.
Buying from a reputable nursery is often worth the money.