Stuff are starting to come in

Mandarins, kumquats, Jabo’s, a few oranges, finishing with figs, have 3 varieties of oriental persimmon starting to ripen, main crop about a month away.

Persimmon: Giombo top tasting along Sayo, Roya Brillianti also excellent, K.B.S not yet.

I srewed up with a duplicate.


The best time of the year for you!

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Bob, all that citrus is just amazing!!! Do you simply pull them inside a garage in cold weather or do you have a greenhouse where they can continue to get sun without freezing?

I’m surprised all your persimmons are just now starting to come in. AR and TN I would have thought would have the same schedules, but my persimmons have all been coming in for 2 weeks or more. Interesting.

Did I mention how great that citrus looks? :slight_smile: WOW!

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All of your citrus and trees are beautiful. Wow!!!

Your trees look great, aap. They are ripening ahead of mine. I am just stating to see the least bit of color change. I’m hoping after Micheal moves through and the predicted cooler weather moves in, they will start coloring up more.


I use to do stainedglass restoration as a sideline business, gave that up a few years ago, now use the workshop as a greenroom.

I am replacing all the fluro’s with shoplights from Sam’s Club, 5000k’s.
This is what it looks like last year.

Counted today i now have 30 citrus tree’s going in there besides the others.


I’m so jealous!!! Looks GREAT

Branches broke off the lemon tree?

Oriental persimmon, too many on small branches.

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I love your Jabo… I want one so bad!!! I’ll trade you a Luc’s Jumbo Garcinia for one…


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I can send you small seedlings, they grow fast with a lot of water and acidic ferts.
I use peters 25-8-15 H/P plus Espoma Holly Tone.

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I got 2 grafted tree’s, Cara-Cara red navels from a reject patio cara-cara tree for $ 5.00 a few years back from Walmart. Did this graft January 18 2017 in my shop, warm enough.
Each has one fruit on them. AS you can see, these guys are bigger than the biggest grape fruit you can find. If they fruit next year with more fruits they are going to this big.

They will probably more normal size if the tree carries more fruit. I have noticed that one fruit on a tree can get huge.


Yep, they are bigger than a grapefruit. Went fishing this morning, start filling my freezer.



What other types fish are in that lake on the edge of your property. Did you use live baits or artificial baits? My cousin bought a tag to snag paddle fish at the Galvin point dam in South Dakota and he snagged a 50 pounds paddle fish. He gave me a 5 lbs section of it. No bones at all and tasted great.

Don’t paddlefish also produce American caviar?

Stripers, Walleys, Bass, Crappies, Catfish, Whitebass. I use jigs only, for most. They have paddlefish, you have to go deep for those.
Walleys and crappies are your best eating fish.That is all i fish for.


Nice slabs, glad to see another fisherman around.

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Too far, I forgot who might be interested in small Jabo plant? Was it you?

Yep, that was me. I would love to get one from you.