Stuffed figs recipe (comic)

This really makes me wish I could grow figs:

(It’s in British English so to translate: “dstspn” must mean dessert spoon … corrections welcome).


Hi Mark!

Since I’m the biggest «fig pig» on the planet I will do this recipe next fig season for sure. I will give you my favorite fig recipe. SOOOOOOOO. Simple:

For 6 figs: Use 7 Tsp of honey, 1 branch of fresh rosemary (do not use dry rosemary leaf), 6 slices of «real» feta cheese (meaning cheese made with sheep milk). Heat the honey and rosemary to simmer or low temp (20/30 minutes). Cut the feta block slowly into 6 slices of 4 mm each. Cut each fig from top to bottom into 4 mm slices. Put the slices on the piece of cheese, put the honey on top. Eat slowly if you can. Cheers! Marc

Addendum: forgot to mention that the feta slices should NOT be refrigerated/cold. They should be serve at room Temp. Or better heated for a few second in microwave oven.

Sounds like an excellent treat! Thanks for sharing it. Is it ever made with walnuts or pecans?

Walnuts have a strong reputation to go hands in hands with figs so GO AHEAD!!! You can drink a fine ice wine with it or Porto. Personally I do this: let the figs slices bathe in Porto for 2/3 hours at room temp. Before doing the recipe. You will remember the experience for a couple of weeks!!!


These are some nice fig recipes.

This book loves to reference other recipes in the book


Hi there!

All the recipes looks yummy and easy to do. Will certainly try them next fig harvest. Thanks! marc