Stunted growth on one side of fig

So this is most likely nothing, but I think it’s strange so I figured I’d ask…

The growth on my black mission fig is strong and healthy on the left (north) side, but the right side (south) growth looks stunted and the leaves are significantly smaller. Any thoughts?

Is the stronger side facing NE and thus the weaker side receiving less sunlight due to the fence?

The fence runs almost exactly north/south so the stronger side points due north. Sunlight hits both sides of the tree at the same exact time in the morning and the sun is the same throughout the day.

Thanks, my guess then is apical dominance. I’ve experienced it with a young fig tree in the past.

Thanks. So does that mean I should just prune that side a little harder in fall to balance out the tree again?

And any experience on whether or not the weaker side will still fruit this year?

I’d prune it now, focusing more on training the tree than having a harvest this year.

Also in my experience, fruit will appear on new growth as summer progresses. Whether it matures and ripens for you is another story. Temperate weather in my location lasts well into Fall.

My fig (King) is on its second year in the ground and doing the same thing Chris. The east branches are big with big leaves and figs, and the west side of it has skinnier, shorter branches, fewer and slightly smaller leaves, and no figs. I hate to keep hacking off healthy growth on one side to wait for more growth on the other!

That’s exactly how I feel! I’ve been good with my other trees keeping form in mind but I’m having a hard time with the fig for whatever reason.