Subtropicals: Avocado Planting Tip

A very important tip when you plant avocado is to make sure it is elevated, at least the original root ball is halfway off the ground. Or on top of a mound or on the highest spot in your yard. Then fill in with potting media that’s suited for citruses or avocados. The potting media should have good drainage. This way, your avocado won’t succumb to root rot during the wet season or drown from too much water. If you’re in zone 9, make sure the avocado is cold hardy and near structures that absorbs heat during the day and release it at night such as south or southwest facing wall. This avocado remained in a pot for a couple of years in partially shaded area until it develops woody trunk before planting, otherwise the tender trunk will get sunburn or have freeze damage during the winter.

I have trained this Hass Avocado to be more cold tolerant than average and then gave it as a gift to my brother and sister in laws. We used whatever materials we can find to make a slightly raised bed, such as these 1’x1’ concrete pavers. You can use anything, whatever you have available. When the tree gets established and has grown to desired height, the mound will remain and you can remove the retaining walls around it if you like, it will be pushed out anyway.

Look, it’s fruiting already!


I took great care with my Hass Avocado tree. Drainage was bad and winter could always kill it. I planted it on a mound and Mother Nature gave it two mild winters. But one week of 90-100F killed it. I watered it copiously before leaving on a break but it wasn’t enough!

You don’t have it on drip irrigation?
All of my avocados have survived down to 18F and two weeks of over 100F or more than a month of over 90F, even maybe more. Of course when heatwaves happen, I lost all of the fruits and some damages to the leaves in terms of tip burn or sunburnt on young branches, but surviving it.

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I had it on drip too. But the same amount as my Citrus. It was just not enough.

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