Successful Graft.....Now What?

First year grafting apple trees…i read up on grafting itself, but now i’m at the point where okay good majority of grafts are putting on growth and now i’m clueless. I did prune/thumb out all the rootstock growth that came up, but i used scions w/ 2-4 buds and seems like most of the buds have leafed out.

What should my first year pruning/training look like. I’m aware of when i got 2-3 year tree pruning techniques no one talks about first year pruning to start the process

Should i be training just 1 of the buds to be my main leader this first year and trying to train it upward? should i be going for two main buds coming up?

Yes , usually just leave one bud grow straight up the first year.
Removing all others.
Or if 2 have sprouted from scion , you can pinch the top of the less vigorous one , letting a few leafs remain , as back up ,in case something happens to the main leader .
So , you want to train to just one shoot ., on newly grafted rootstock .