Sugar Pearls Apricot Harvest Report

I picked the first of the Sugar Pearls today. A couple had dropped, so I definitely waited long enough.

I really enjoy these white apricots and plan on growing more varieties.
We have experienced light rain for the last 2 days (odd for us this time of year) but brix was still decent at between 18 and 21.
Aroma is wonderful, almost floral.
They tend to ripen a little unevenly in the sun and more evenly in the shade.
Unfortunately I don’t have any other whites to compare them against. Most people say the whites all taste very similar.
This tree is 8 years old and usually produces very heavily for me. This year’s crop is very light due to polinator problems (it does require a polinator) and a very unpleasant attack of blossom eating finches this spring.