Suggestions on blueberry variety

In zone 6b, I have two blueberry bushes growing in a pot ( NHB, bonus and Chippewa). I am looking to add another 2-3 bushes that will grow in a pot.

Any recommendations on varieties that grow well in pots and are easy to maintain ?

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There are lots of good options…but I’d take the hype being given to brand new varieties as just that.
Have or am doing many.

Blue Ridge doesn’t seem happy in a container. Bonus I’ll get to sample in a month or two for the first time. I killed a Powder Blue once. I have around 30 and I don’t notice all that much difference. Elliott disappointed.

Most do fine. So do some of the southern high bush, and perhaps the rabbiteyes are best of all (until a really cold winter comes along and kills some of them).

So, go for it, and no need to over-think it.