Suhosine Mulberry

So being jealous of @Luisport My small fruit tree orchard - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit and OGW being sold out. I tracked down a vendor in the UK and got them to post a private listing of there last 4 seeds. Unfortunately they wont ship to the US. Let my loss be someone in the UK or EUs gain.
Rare Debregeasia edulis 4 seeds UK Seller | eBay


I can send it… lets see when i have it.

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There are this seller in Germany… it’s a great shop!

Deaflora - Suhosine (Pflanze)

This has been on my list for a while as well.

Keep us posted about how the seeds go, please.

Hopefully the self-fertile trait of the "elite’ variety remains in its seedlings.


The seller wont sell to the US. An UK forum member is welcome to jump on it

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They don’t ship to the US and shouldn’t!

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i have one tree in 3 gal for trade if anyone has rooted fig for trade. for trade in US only no CA. please pm if interested