Can I get some more info on Sulfur use? When do I apply and reapply it? I am using surround and in other threads I read that I should be using sulfur because Surround kinda promotes mites & scale .

I understand you don’t use oil if there is sulfur on the tree. How do you know if there is too much sulfur remaining?

Anything else to know on the use of sulfur?

I think they recommend two weeks between oil and sulfur (or Captan). Apricots and many grapes are said to be sensitive to sulfur. I’ve also read that you shouldn’t use it above 85 degrees, so it’s more of a spring thing here. It kills mites well in my experience, which is all I’ve really used it for, but it is a fungicide as well.

I don’t know your location, but here is a schedule from my state that makes extensive use of sulfur on a variety of fruits. I think it’s mostly the insecticides that would be different because of our zone difference:

Edit: If ^^^that link isn’t working, it’s the link to the pdf at the very bottom of this page:

I have never had big problems with mites or scale with Surround, but I also usually am using sulphur with it so maybe thats why :grinning:

You can use your nose to see if there is sulphur left, its easy to smell if it is present. The length of time it stays around depends on the rains. Oil all evaporates in 1-2 days so you can spray sulphur not long after oil, its the other way around that is hard. I usually put sulphur in every tank I spray in spring. This year as an experiment I’m using less and using Regalia and synthetics instead.

Sulphur is a bit hard on any leaf in the heat, and some grapes and apricots take it particularly bad. So, I tend to do the sulphur more in the spring as opposed to summer heat.