Sultane - Rodney Dangerfield of Figs

Names can be misleading.
Morphological traits are helpful.
Genetic metrics are better.

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I feel certain that the Sultane I have is the one that is said to be a ‘synonym of Grosse de Juillet’,
a variety originally from southern France, the only things that did not match was small figs (because the tree is still so small and is in a pot), and the first crop of the year is supposed to not be very good, I had a fig from it today that tastes better than any of the other figs from any of my other trees, regardless of what year picked, or what crop of the year, to me it tasted like a cross between raspberry and cherry, yum. What a tough skin it has yet so perfectly ripe, the breba crop figs anyway.


Mine’s the same as yours, but I’m harvesting main crop figs
now, and lots of them. The main crop figs are just as big as
the brebas, and really good. No splitting, closed eye, and they’re
just as good dried as they are fresh. This tree likes to spread out
with lots of lateral growth, which makes it very easy to pick.
I REALLY like this fig… .


Our fig trees are still all on their first crop this year, this year most of our fig trees are having a first crop for the first time. Prior only one fig variety had produced a first crop for us that we got to try. One year the first crop fig of another variety was eaten by something before we got to it. As you know the first crop can create a long delay to the second crop VS no first crop at all.

It seems to me like the quality of breba fig crops goes up in late July where I live. Suddenly the figs appear better flavored. I am not referring to the Sultane since it only gave us two figs so far, yet Sultane is considered a fig that starts cropping in July. A lot of people act like the Main crop is always better than the first crop, I am starting to wonder if it’s really about how each fig tree reacts to it’s home, during whatever crop. The climate (normal or abnormal), the soil, how much sun or shade the tree is getting. If the sunlight is direct or indirect.

It’s sad how much this variety has been ignored by the fig community. Even if you did not praise it on here, I would have still been very impressed with the figs that it produces, I would have realized that it can produce young despite what I had read, I am seriously thinking about digging up one of our other fig trees and replacing it with a Sultane tree, eventually anyway.

I have not tried drying figs much because the ones I tried drying turned out horrible, as well as some of my fig friends have had the same failure drying figs. When we have a large enough crop of Sultane figs I will try drying some of them.


Figs that do well in cooler weather are what I need.
We have a long growing season and fairly dry summers, but not much really warm weather.