Sun damage and/or peach borers?

Hey all,

I put this Indian Free in as a bareroot last year, and while I’m quite happy with the form it’s growing into - I’m learning more about other potential issues and checking out these cracks and dark spots around the base of the tree. This is a south facing wall it’s up against and the summer sun really cooks in Boise.

Did I blow it by not whitewashing the trunk?

What’s the best course of action now? I have Dyna-gro Neem on the way to paint the bottom of the tree to prevent/treat borers.

I don’t see any resin/sap. It’s got a little sunscald and maybe mechanical damage where the area w/o bark is a circle. There’s nothing to be concerned with. Paint it though with white paint first then do your Neem. Nothing wrong with Neem around at all times. You might consider Tanglefoot, I don’t know.

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Yeah, it looks good. Peaches ooze a lot when their big wood is unhappy, in my experience. Certainly with borers. Right by/in the dirt underneath the trunk.

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Oh, I wouldn’t have thought of that - but I suppose the paint might have trouble adhering on top of neem. Thanks!

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