Suntan vs Karmijn

Does anyone grow both these apples? Trying to get a side by side comparison of both. Im sure they are very similar, but some first hand experience would be great. Thanks!

I grow both. They’re interesting, high-flavored COP crosses. Both are scab-prone, but I find Suntan to be more troubled by fungal ailments and less vigorous overall. It requires more spraying and attention. KdS also bears considerably larger fruit. I like them both, but if I were going to grow only one, it would be KdS.


Thank you for the info. Are they both comparable as far as production?

Hard to compare directly, as I have a tree of KdS and only a couple of grafts of Suntan, but KdS appears to bear rather more heavily here.


I have KdS on g16. Good apple, strong flavor, complex, annual bearer. 1st tier in my apples!