Surprise Successes?

AKA “When at first you do succeed, try to hide your astonishment.”

I know we often post about the challenges of growing fruit and gardening, but have you had anything that surprised you with its ease or success in your zone? Did you luck out and find that perfect cultivar that likes your microclimate?

I’m in a zone 8a. In my garden, it’s been rosemary, Caroline and Prelude Raspberries, Jujubes, figs, and, oddly Papaya (we have to harvest them green, but they sure are productive!)

The Rosemary is pretty carefree, whereas I struggle with keeping lavender going beyond year 3. Raspberries aren’t supposed to do well here, but I’m doing alright with early fruiting primocane varieties and afternoon shade. Granted, the birds haven’t found out…yet. Figs are easy peasy, as are jujubes. I wished I liked eating jujubes, though! And lastly, the papaya was a surprise, as it was grown as an ornamental. Next time I’m going to start it indoors earlier and try to find an earlier fruiting cultivar.