Surround for veggies?

Does anyone use this stuff on veggie plants? In particular what I have in mind is spraying bell peppers with suround during the summer months to help prevent sun scald. Once we hit late June here almost every bell pepper that sets at all gets holes literally burned through them if the whole pepper doesn’t go to mush. I’m wondering if a surround coating would give it a sunscreen so to speak and help keep it going. Any thoughts? Is this a crazy idea?


I’d be more inclined to set up a sun screen using either shade cloth or floating row cover. Seems easier to me if you can keep the wind from blowing it away. My buddy here just lays it right over the plants and holds it down with rocks. He uses several layers of agribon 19 or one of the heavier stuff. It doesn’t over heat for him.

I think it would work. I thought of using it for Raspberries to keep the leaves from burning. It seemed to help but was too much trouble with all the rain I get.

Thanks guys. You know I hadn’t thought of using row cover That is a thought If I can keep the wind from messing it up. We are usually pretty dry once we get to that point in summer but we do get occasional storms. I may end up trying both ways and seeing which one I like best. Thank yall.


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