Surround Treatment Timing

Folks, I live and garden in the mid south. I have a bag of Surround and a bunch of peach and apple trees. The peaches have already dropped their pedals and set fruit…kind of dangerous since we’re still a couple of weeks away from the average last frost here. The almanac is predicting higher than average temps at night with no freezes in sight. When is the time to start applying Surround to the fruit. My peaches are pea size right now.

Once the shucks (flower last remnants) fall off it is time to spray. Don’t wait at all, be early if anything!!


This year was I waited to spray Triazicide until petal fall on my last apple (Goldrush - May 11). I still have a lot of PC scarred fruitlets so it seems that either the Tiazicide is not so effective as I was hoping vs my PC or they were making hay on the tiny fruitlets whilst I still had some flowers about and before I sprayed the trees.

This has me wondering if spraying surround on still flowering trees does anything more deleterious than waste the bees time. If not then perhaps I might spray my trees with surround before complete petal fall and at least slow the PC down a bit.

Surround in flowers okay ? y/n? Thoughts?

I spray my apples as soon as petals are off and sometimes that means I get some Surround on flowers… trees with only some petals off or spray hitting a neighbor tree. I haven’t seen any bad effects of that.

This year I was good on all fruits except for apricots. Next year I will hit them at petal fall and not wait for the shucks to drop.

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