Sweet cherry

The grand daughter with her sweet cherry tree


Thank you for the likes, the two best things in my life, family and my trees


Good pic. Is she doing a little bit of pruning? Or maybe doing a leaf evaluation? Maybe she’ll get the fruit bug like her grandpa. How did it become her tree- did she pick it out, or maybe just adopted as her own?

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I think just evaluating the leaves, lol. Each grand kid gets a tree. Franken apple tree for the grandson, weeping cherry for the granddaughter I don’t get to see very often and sweet cherry for the granddaughter that is in the photo. Be sure and save room in your orchard for grandkids trees


What a cutie pie!

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Well, no grandkids for us, or kids for that matter, we got married in our 40s and didn’t have any. But, our niece (wife’s side of fam) has a couple of boys, 5 and 2, and our nephew has a 10 year old boy, so I’m sure they’ll be sampling fruit in the coming years.

We let the little ones pick tomatoes last year, they seem to like the cherry varieties more than the big ones. And, we gave the older boy a tom plant to take home to see if he grow some.

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Being aunt and uncle can be just as rewarding, :blush: I gave my nephew a super hot pepper this year, he is 16 and wants to be tough, lol

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A hot pepper plant? Like a hab? My chocolate habanero hasn’t sprouted yet, guess I should’ve put my hot peppers on a separate heat mat, as most of my other peppers are up. But, I’m not giving up on it.

My wife prob won’t mind it not it not coming up, but I wished it would, I like 'em hot. I like to eat jalapeño’s and serrano’s off the plant straight, she thinks I’m mucho loco!

Her sister likes hot peppers too, but for some odd reason, she has a reaction to bell/mild peppers. Very strange.

Yes, I gave him a hab,

I like hot peppers also, this is the first time I will have really tried to grow them though

Which one of these two is more sweet?:slight_smile:

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She is :blush: