T Buddying

Tis the season for T budding, am I correct? I’ve taken some budsticks that I want to use and stored them in the fridge. How long will the buds be good? I plan on doing the t budding in about 5-6 days. Will they still be viable? Plum and Sour Cherries.

I’ve never had the need to store green budwood that long. It will probably be good but take fresh if you can right before budding. T budding can work now provided the bark is slipping on the stock. If it’s not then start watering or consider trying chip budding.

I’ve never tried the fridge for fresh budwood. What I have done when I can’t t-bud right away is put the budwwood in a plastic water bottle or vase kinda like fresh flowers. I don’t know that it would last 5-6 days but I’ve had success within 3 days.

Budwood will last for a long time in the fridge. One time I even grafted budwood from the previous summer the following spring. Most didn’t take but some did. I would say several weeks is a reasonable time to store budwood in the fridge without losing viability.

I figured it would last for a few days. Its a real pain when your Orchard is 100 miles from where you call home (until retirement of course)! Hopefully I can do my budding this weekend but that four letter word called WORK is interfering with my plans as usual.