Table Grape Varieties for mild coastal climates

I live on the California coast in USDA zone 10a, Sunset zone 17. It’s a Mediterranean climate with 18" annual rainfall in the winter, then drought for 7+ months. For most of the year, the temperature stays in the 40-75 degree F range.

I’m a newbie when it comes to growing grapes, but I have decided to plant some grape vines, and I am looking for varieties that are well-adapted to this coastal weather without a hot summer. Surprisingly, the nurseries around here don’t seem to make a point of carrying those varieties or even knowing which ones they are. They just stock the same varieties that the commercial growers over in the San Joaquin Valley plant, and that area has a completely different climate than here.

I already have a Jupiter grape that I bought last year, and the other varieties I am considering are: Vanessa, Suffolk Red, Thomcord, and Interlaken. However, I don’t really have much info to go on in choosing varieties. These are ones I have seen referenced as not needing summer heat. I know I want seedless, but beyond that I haven’t had the opportunity to taste many grapes other than what’s available in the supermarket, so I don’t really understand what slip skin or foxy taste is like. I do like most supermarket grapes as long as they are not mushy, so I guess I’m not much of a connoisseur.

Would welcome comments on my choices, or suggestions for other varieties that would meet my requirements.

Thank you.

“Foxy” or classic labrusca flavor is best described as the flavor of grape jelly that most Americans grew up with. You probably tried Thomcord and that should have a mild, foxy flavor. If you don’t like that flavor then it helps to narrow down your search.

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Where are you? Sounds like you’re describing my area but the zones can have some differentiation within them. I am mid SF peninsula, not the foggiest end and not the sunniest end. I have a flame grape that produced well last year, the first year. I believe it’s said to require higher heat but was sweet enough for my taste.

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I don’t think I have tried Thomcord, unless they had it in the supermarket. But I like the flavor of grape jelly.

I am about a mile from the coast, midway between SF and LA.

The cooler weather means higher acidity
Choose grapes that are not high acid.
That will require you to do some research.
The Sales clerks won’t know what you are looking for.
I’d go with the Muscat grapes.
Alden is very low acid.

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Trader Joe’s usually carries it

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