Taming the fruit trees and bushes that turn wild and escape

You never know where you will find them but my trees and bushes naturalize and escape sometimes turning up miles away. Here is another pear i did not plant but that showed up on the bank of my pond i marked with a reflective tag to find this spring. I find these escaped pears everywhere leaving the good ones and grafting over the junk. This is a callery likely crossed with a neighbors tree (i have none that flower) i will graft over as soon as i can to a care free pear that wont require spray. A good choice might be harrow delight. I consider these wild trees as gifts from God. They are like finding a treasure, extremely valuable in the right hands. You may be able to tell the straight part of the rootstock will be the trunk and i pruned off some small branches today. I will bring a pocket saw next time and reduce this tree to a single trunk. It will be 6-8 feet in a year. This tree will be producing pears in two years if i graft it over soon.


don’t have wild pears here but tons of mountain ash. i have a 7fter that was a volunteer that spouted in some moss on a old spruce stump. once i saw it there i mulched around it and gave it some compost. its a nice sturdy tree now. grafted 3 types of pears on it that put on about a ft. of growth last summer plan to graft more on it soon. do you graft on to the central leader or on the side branches? i grafted mine on the side ones then headed back the central. I’m new to grafting but I’ve been reading up on it. maybe someday when my fruit trees mature the birds will plant my seeds all over the place as well. i have lots of baby mountain ash coming up from under my big trees. thinking of potting them up and grafting them as whips to different pears.

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Actually i graft both ways just depending on how the tree looks. The higher i go up is better here to avoid rabbits. They dont bother my rootstocks usually unless i use ohxf.

I have been gifted with crabapple trees. I found 4 good sized candidates in my ravine. Here are two that I have been emancipating from the surrounding brush. Hope to graft this week.