Tangerine tree no fruit

Hi all, about 5 years ago I planted a tangerine tree which has grown to about 1mtr50, Every year it blossoms abundantly but the flowers fall off before the fruit has time to grow, last year I only had 1 which was the size of a pea. The soil is rocky with a ph of 6.5. I live in Kefalonia Greece and so the climate is good. Can anyone give me any tips as to whats wrong? I see other trees the same size covered with fruit. Even though I’m retired I’m a novice gardener and so any advice would be gratefully received!

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Hello and welcome. I live in southern France. Your area I imagine is warmer. Is there any way you can purchase bagged citrus soil? Are the trees in pots or in the ground?

Hi, thanks for replying. I only have 1 tree and it’s in the ground. I’ll ask around to see if the fertilizer that you suggest is available here. Thanks

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Hello grommet,
Maybe try getting the pollen stirred up a bit,by using a small paintbrush or cotton swab.
Do bees come and go to the flowers?

Thanks Bradybb, I’ll give it a try. This island is famous for its honey and so we have many bees visiting the flowers.

If you know what variety it is you may want to look it up to see if it is self pollinating or whether it needs a similar mate to cross pollinate with.