Tank mix Micronized sulfur and Bt?

Can I tank mix Bt(dipell) and micronized sulfur? Or will the sulfur just kill the bt in solution?A quick search is giving me contradictory info where I see some sulfur bt mixes sold as dusts, but elsewhere read that they are not tank mix compatible.

I am seeing a fair bit of early lep damage in tips of young apples unfurling that I would like to nip in the bud(sorry bad pun). We are also into primary scab season now…noticed all this while spraying sulfur this morning.

My instinct (FWTW) tells me they’re not compatible. A quick search led me to numerous sites stating they were not compatible and none saying they were.
I think like you said, the sulfur would just kill the Bt.

Does anybody mix micronized sulfur and spinosad in the same tank?

I have—for figs. Seemed compatible, no phytotoxicity. Unless the sulfur put mix out of ideal pH range for spinosad, I wouldnt think there would be a problem. Of course, I’m no expert.

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I would not mix concentrated sulfur and any biologicals. Spinosad may be an exception since its extracts from bacteria and not live bacteria itself.

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I do mix those two together in a tank as per @scottfsmith low impact spray schedule. Do not mix sulfur and oil together.

In one tank for the peaches and plums, I will mix surround, spinosad, Regalia, and oil. In my next spray I will mix surround, sulfur, Regalia and BT. I have also added copper for bacterial spotting.