Tank mixing Surround and Granulosis virus for CM?

You read it. We’re due for a spray of both. Is there any conflict here?

The only person who may have done this is @scottfsmith. Hopefully, he can help you with this.

No problem for me that I know of, I have done it for years. Note that now I am using Madex as it focuses on CM and OFM both. Interestingly, this year my CM early hits were a bit higher and my OFM hits a lot lower. Not sure if the chemicals change was a reason.

In general Surround tank mixes well with nearly anything I have tried. But some things make it a bit more prone to clogging. I have a problem now where gunk builds up right behind the sprayer nozzle, I usually have to stop once in the middle of the spray to clear it. At some point I need to figure out which new additive is doing this… my guess is either Regalia or Grandevo. Granulosis is such a small amount that it should not matter.