Tasting at NCGR Wolfskill

Here’s some photos from the 6/9/2018 tasting at NCGR Davis Wolfskill orchards. It was great meeting Dan Chappel and his wife!

My favorites were:
DPRU 2401 Prunus cerasifera, “Naidyonisch”
DMOR 83 Morus spp., “Easter Egg”





How would you describe them?

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DMOR 83 Morus spp., “Easter Egg”.
The fruits are small, perhaps 5/8" long by 3/8" wide. The sweetest fruits with a pleasant taste I’ve ever eaten. Although in the catalog as Morus spp. it is believed to be Morus alba. Note that “alba” refers to the color of the blossoms. The cultivar name refers to fruits of many colors appearing on the tree simultaneously.

DPRU 2401 Prunus cerasifera, “Naidyonisch”.
This cultivar was acquired from Latvia which gives some testimony to its cold hardiness although it produces regularly at Wolfskill which I believe is zone 9. Note the species. The fruit is the size of a large cherry but the appearance of an apricot. The interior flesh is more like a sturdy plum. To my tastes the flavor is apricot x green gage plum but with apricot skin instead of the sour green gage skin.


What kind of trees are the cars parked under? I would love to see these in person.


These are Mission olive trees, almost 150 years old.

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Naidyonisch (найдёныш) means “foundling” in Russian.


Fig & Grape tasting, August 18 2018.


You California guys are sooooo lucky… I envy you :sunglasses:

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That is so cool. I’d love to get out to California in the summer to go to those tastings. Y’all got it good over there!!!


Oh my goodness. I was there! Wish I had known you were there so I could say hi. I was wearing a purple “Ag Proud” shirt.

I felt many of the figs at the tasting weren’t fully ripe. What’s your take on that?

I remember that shirt! I was the guy in glasses wearing the “Alternative Cats” shirt. I’ll post a photo of me in a minute under F. McClintocks.

Yes, Howard was in agreement with that. But how about those pickled figs and the baked puff pastry / brie / fig concoction? We didn’t leave without that recipe!


I put my name on the list to get the pickled fig recipe.

I also enjoyed watching a lady attempt to sample the dried caprifigs…


The main reason we (Janet and I) came was to express thanks to Howard Garrison for everything he has done over the years. So I recounted memories to him, his son, his daughter, and his new wife … and each time they said – oh yes, that’s Howard.

I’ll be back up for the November tasting but possibly before then because my daughter will be returning to Davis for her senior year, and Janet will want to go to Moss Landing, and I’ll want to go to the Marshall Store, and I want to spend some free time with you. Let’s figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Back again! So good to see @smatthew too!!

Today we were blessed with talks and tastings from Jeff Moersfelder (Mr. Pomegranate) and Jenny Smith (Mrs. Persimmon). :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks beautiful Richard!